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Business divisions

The Group's principal activity is the development, marketing and management of innovative and high-quality investment products in the areas of ship funds, real estate funds, private equity funds, hedge fund notes and life insurance funds. The share of the result of the Hanseatische i-Bank AG, Hamburg, is also due exclusively to the marketing of investment products. Group internal reporting reports on the different areas, focusing separately on sales, commissions and profit contribution. Owing to its low economic significance, a more in- depth differentiation, particularly according to types of assets and liabilities, is not performed.

Even so, the different business segments of the Group can be defined. In accordance with the internal control of the Group, the primary reporting format is structured by the business segments of design and issue of investments for private investors and the Group's trust transactions. As the business activities focus on Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, they are also broken down in accordance with geographical criteria.

The Group's primary activities are associated with the design and issue of investments for private investors. The range of products includes ship investments, real estate, life insurance, structured products, and private equity investments. A breakdown of sales and gross profit or loss for the individual business segments can be found under "development of gross profit".

Trust transactions include, among other things, covering new issues on a trust basis and managing the respective trust accounts, as well as information and other services for the trustors. However, as sales from this business segment are less than 10% of total sales, activity outside the gross income analysis will not be subdivided further.

The geographical distribution of the net worth position are mentioned in the consolidated financial statements.

Refer to the geographical distribution also for a presentation of the individual contributions to results and for the subdivision of the balance sheet items.